Orbit is a new soft-addressable fire alarm system which caters for small to large installations. The system has been designed and is manufactured in Europe with every part of the system carrying relevant EN54 and CPD approvals.

At the centre of the Orbit system are the revolution panels which boast 1-8 loop capacity where each loop can support a substantial 250 devices. Depending upon the size of the installation the Revolution panels can be networked together to form a maximum of a 64 node network. LCD display, multiple languages and USB programming are just some of the features which come as standard.

The Orbit detectors comprise of optical, heat (rate of rise or fixed) and combined versions which strike a balance between function and form. Each is addressed via a special hand-held programmer which overcomes typical incorrect addressing common to dip switches. There is even a light indicator that displays the detector status.

All other ancillary devices are available including a manual call point, sounders and extensive range of interface modules. These modules offer flexibility of installation where each can be mounted flat or DIN rail mounted.